VA-FOA Projects: The Bangalore Club Competition

While working at Venkataramanan Associates (VA), I worked on the competition for the new Bangalore Club Chambers project together with Ravindra Kumar, Sucheth Palat and Shivani Kumar. To see more of VA’s work, please visit the company’s website. The link is here.
The program asked for an extension of the existing guest room facilities along with other requirements typical for a hotel. Placed in the back of the Bangalore Club, the new building had to carefully respect the particular ambience of the traditional club with its heritage buildings and the existing trees on the proposed site.
Our proposal sensitively shapes around the main trees – in fact creating large courtyards around them. The entire Ground Floor is kept open to maintain a functional flow throughout the area. A public space where one function/program interweaves with the next.
The hotel rooms are kept on three additional floors with rooms opening out into the cover of the trees – well ventilated and making the most out of this special location. The proposal won a special mention.

Below are the four submitted posters.


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