Farmhouse near Bangalore Update 01

Getting back to work on the blog: Updating the Farmhouse project near Bangalore (approximately 40km from Mahatma Gandhi Road to the south). By now the construction of the main building is in full swing and following posts will show the actual work on site.
Here are some more images explaining the Master plan and the landscaping around the building. A colored floor plan shows the organisation of the Ground Floor.
The clients put us in a squeeze as they envisioned a traditional west-coast house (Vastu-compliant, tiled roof et al.) which the studio has not been doing so far. We fused and translated vernacular elements and modern conceptions of a flexible space to a large building able to house the large family while satisfying their wish for a building reflecting the traditional origin of their family line and our intention to build a structure born in our time … So far it seems it works well 🙂

Here the images:
The Master plan showing the entire site with the area marked for the Hostel Block.

The close-up of the Master Plan showing the relationship of drive way to service area and main building.

A panorama taken from the roof of the Hostel Block (under construction) showing the expanse of the land and the few coconut trees which were on the site.

The Ground Floor Plan

Future posts will show the ongoing construction – more or less chronologically. Please visit again 🙂


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