House in Bangalore / Epsilon Layout

The first of two equal-sized houses in the midst of an existing coconut grove is placed sensitively between the grid of palm trees and attempts to maintain and enhance important characteristics of the site and its context while presenting a self-conscious and openly modern appearance. An existing open well inspired a large cantilevered mass, giving an individually strong visual character to the building, striking a slightly different note in the overall context of the newly built community without sounding too noisy. The cantilever projected over the well guides into an open courtyard with existing palm trees and into the house. A play with warm colors in contrast to the smooth and white plastered surfaces of the built mass adds to the playful appearance and puts it into the colorful context of life in india. As in the other building designed by FOA, services and residential spaces are organised logically, allowing for an easy use of the house. Natural light, openings with sliding glass panels and a natural flow of movement within the house are exemplary for a design corresponding to the needs of our times; a house for human beings at home in our globalised world, in tune with themselves, respectful and open-minded to the environment and the surrounding context and aware of the value of knowing one’s needs.

Please click the images below to start the gallery and see more images.


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