Archives: Whitefield Development Project – Bangalore 2004

Concept Version 01

When we heard about the clients plans to initiate an integrated development project in a strategically important area of Bangalore with our office, we started to design something in a very free spirit, without letting our creativity being limited by the seemingly unavoidable constraints of actual building. The outcome was a beautiful expression of what modern architecture can be, the transformation of technology and program into a built form serving the purpose and relating to the beauty and character of the existing site. To minimise the impact of 90.000 sqm built up area on the site, our main aim was to recreate the landscape inevitably lost in the process of building. The strips of buildings grow out of the soil, carrying the memory of the softly moving landscape of that particular area, and give at least partially public access to their roofs. A new landscape is generated, striving to find a balance between the powerful energy of modern economy transforming the image of modern cities and the fertility, fragility and beauty of the nature existing on the land.

In that, architecture becomes an expression and a symbol for a perception of technology striving to tune in with nature.


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