Archives: Whitefield Development Project – Bangalore 2004 02

Concept Version 02

This version was the result of imagining the impact of 90.000 sqm build on the land. By then, the program became clearer; the largest part of the project was to be an office block with 50.000 sqm, additionally one business hotel and one apartment block was foreseen. One important parameter was the need for continuous floor plates of 2000 sqm to provide ideal office space for the IT industry (In the previous version, the maximum floor plate had around 450 sqm). We changed the design, compressed the various usages as much as possible to maintain a maximum of the original nature on the site. The design negates any notion to cover for the massive intervention by trying to make the buildings look more neat and ornamental as is the case often with commercial buildings today. No curves, no play with the elevations, no columns, but a clear image of architecture, following the function, clearly organised and expressing its contemporary purpose: That of a state of the art office building catering to the IT industry developing the software of tomorrow. The facades of the office and the hotel building express the modernity of the program, playfully interweaving printed glass and metallic meshes.

Design Team: Fabian Ostner, Marco Rothenfluh


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