House in Poe’s Garden / Chennai – under construction

A house for a modern family – husband, wife, their son and the parents; 9000 Sft of carefully planned interior space. A long and detailed process of exchange and revision until finally the house serves all the requirements of the client. Initially started when Fabian was part of the Fountainhead team, the project is now under sole responsibility of White Ant Studio.

We will feature the process of construction until the completion in regular updates.

The visuals shown here hopefully give a good idea of how we imagined the building to be: simple and unpretentious despite its size, with as many green spaces as possible, clean and proportionate volumes. By now, the elevations have changed, became even more reduced and adjusted to the purity of the clients’ needs, but these first render images show the underlying design intent quite well…

A evening time view of the house. Of course – as it is in the middle of dense Chennai – there are buildings to the left and the right. Nevertheless, the large balconies, the roof garden and the overall simplicity of the building hopefully will achieve the feeling of a refuge within the hectic urban life. A place to relax, to regenerate, to care about each other.

The Southern wall is well protected by a shading screen reducing the impact of the intense sunlight.

The carefully carved volume of the Northern elevation. Mass and void.

Initial Sketchup views…


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