House in Uthandi Village / E.C.R. Chennai – Landscape Design

A few notes on the Landscape Design …

The main intent behind the design (the division of spaces with distinctive characters and the selection of plants) is to provide a beautifully simple, easy to maintain and colorful garden around the house.  A garden which can fulfill various functions: Protection, Invitation, Relaxation, Meditation, Play …

This design can stand for itself but if a new tenant is passionate about working with the garden area, one is free to do it quite easily: adding different plants, going more into the detail of particular areas.
All plants selected should grow quite easily and demand a minimum of maintenance. They should stand the climate and the soil conditions.

The Planting at Ground Floor level … (Paving, shrubs, small trees, ground cover …)

The Planting at First Floor level … (various trees easily accustomed to the prevailing conditions …)

Peltophorum Pterocarpum

Albizia Saman

Erythrina Variegata

Thespesia Populnea

Plumeria Alba

Cassia Fistula

Mimusops Elengi

Bougainvillea Spectabilis

Bauhinia Acuminata

Jasminium Pubescens

Plumeria Rubra

Phyllostacchys Aurea

Soon is planting season (with the onset of the North East Monsoon) and we are looking forward to see the presently empty plot fill first with plants and then with people 🙂


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