Wood House – Auroville / Foundation Work

In the beginning of April 2012 it finally started: The JCB came to the site and cleared – pretty efficiently if not scary – the ground (It should be said that we manually cleared the site beforehand cutting the few trees with the hand saw and the cutty as we didn’t want the machine to just flatten them) and prepared it for marking of the centre lines.

The overall foundation was pre-fabricated already and within a few days the entire work was completed (thanks to Eric and his team 🙂 ). Pre-cast RCC footings with a basin to allow for a continuous water body around each footing to prevent ants, termites etc to enter the house), pre-cast RCC beams and prefabricated clamps to hold the wooden frame in place …

After the building outlines and the footing locations were marked we celebrated the act of starting the house with a traditional Bhoomi Puja … Flowers, Coconuts, Bananas, Rice Flakes, Lemons, Incense and an token amount of money – all brought to the gods by the force of fire …

The existing residents – beautiful white ants – had to temporarily move (by now they are back and we hope we will have a peaceful coexistence …)

After a quick excavation just after the Puja, a heavy-duty crane was brought in to place the footings (each weighing around 700 kg ) and then he RCC beams. Fast work and fun to watch the crane controller trying his best not to damage the large Mango tree and other plants …


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