Wood House – Auroville / Frame works

After the completed foundation work the team of carpenters (Rajendran, Govindhan and Moorthy, all part of Anan, contractor from Eternal Builders / Auroville) arrived at the site along with 21 A-frames and the prepared columns and started the work in setting up the wood frame …

As mentioned earlier, the entire wood comes from dismantled old houses in South Tamil Nadu – Kalimardu, Pillaimardu, Kong, Pathak, Vengai … Beautiful hardwood on average 60-75 years old.

Standard size for all elements is 4″x2″ with a column to column distance of 80cm … In the end – today – we have used a little more than 10tons of wood with around 1.5tons waste due to cutting. It was more expensive than we thought but all worth it and looking at the frame now all freshly treated with a mix of linseed oil, turpentine and engine oil it is all great …

Inspecting the first columns …

4 thoughts on “Wood House – Auroville / Frame works

  1. A question to the expert.
    Where is the Turpentine (destilled and pure) manufactured in the Auroville area? Available in Pondi?
    We want to import a certain amount to South Korea and are looking for a good (authentic manufactured) maker.
    Thomas Ulbrich in South Korea

    1. Hi Thomas, we purchased and used common available mineral turpentine; readily available in any paint shop in Pondicherry. You should have the same available in South Korea.
      Best regards.

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