House in Poe’s Garden / Chennai – Construction photos 02

In July 2012 we were finally nearing the casting of the first slab … the preparations seemed endless but finally the building started to take shape. A beautiful form work made of mostly new metal sheets and plywood was built, the steel reinforcement placed and all was set for concreting …

The following photos should speak for themselves so just small captions below the images …

A good shot showing the sunken slabs, the beams cutting across and the steel reinforcement for the columns.

One can already anticipate the view from the living and dining areas into the surrounding green … a view quite precious in the dense urban jungle of Chennai.

Do we love a clean and organized site 🙂

Looking down the lift shaft …

The cut-out for the staircase leading from Foyer to Living Room

Bar-bending and placing the reinforcement steel onto the form work.

A typical joint of beams and slab.

Just in case anyone wondered where all the tons of steel are going …
This particular beam spans almost 10m, has a structural width and height of 350mm x 650mm and works together as Vierendeel beam with the columns and beams above.

Nicely executed level jump in the form work …

Tough guys at work …

Preparing the casting of the landing beam & slab of the staircase.


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