Office Building – OMR / Chennai (Project)

A proposal we recently did for a Chennai-based IT companyFountainhead Architects and we were asked to give shape to the future headquarter of the company on a site in Siruseri. (Featured here our proposal) This former quiet village is in the process of becoming a major IT hub along the Chennai IT corridor along the Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR in short).

The site had already the footings in an irregular grid which was to be integrated into the design along with strict Vastu requirements. We defined our project task as optimizing the floor plans to accommodate the client’s brief and additionally add some flavour of our own – a large roof garden for the employer/employees and a rock-climbing range 20m high up on the Eastern wall.

The images shown below are taken directly out of our presentation to give a glimpse of how we communicate with our clients.

The envisioned look of the building … in our opinion quite a landmark.

The stacked program in a massing study – projections and cut-outs help to define the mass of the building. Different colors mark different functions …

A conceptual render view to explain the volume …

Looking at the vertical entrance/lobby and board room block in the North East of the building … The extension in plan in North east direction is very auspicious as per Vastu and was one requirement of the clients.

The Ground Floor plan: Double height lobby, services, car parking, landscape …

The largely public First Floor: here everyone working in the building has the chance to interact, use the common meeting rooms, refresh themselves …

A generic office floor plan: various companies can either rent/lease a part of a floorplate, an entire floor or several floors stacked on top of each other. Each floor is equipped with the required services, the director rooms (in the South West), potential board rooms and various proposed locations for meeting spaces.

The top-most floor with the required program of the client company: Large office spaces for the directors, residential facilities, office work spaces and plenty of landscape to allow for a greener environment and fantastic view of Chennai and the bustling IT corridor and the Bay of Bengal in the distance…


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