House in Poe’s Garden / Chennai – Construction photos and work progress 03

After a long time a new post 🙂

A lot has happened and it is time to start posting again. Meanwhile the construction of this single-family residence in the heart of Chennai has moved on as one can see on the photos. We are still far away from completion but we are hopeful. Every decision is looked at carefully, every opening is considered in all its aspects. The current status is: Civil work two-thirds completed, all openings are finalized, window types and manufacturer are selected, consultations are going on. Electrical layout is finalized (almost), HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning) is finalized, landscaping design is in progress, interior concepts are progressing. We spend hours in Marble go-downs to check which stone (and which particular lot) we all finally fall in love with, wooden floor (probably American walnut) is almost selected, furniture layouts are vetted …

With this much care and effort this house must become just … wonderful 🙂

The next posts will show the progress of the site during the lasts few months starting with the casting of the main staircase.


Taken around the end of 2012, this photo shows the mid-landing and the first way-slab cast. The required shape is drafted on pieces of shuttering board to ensure the correct cast.



And yes, we even work with models … Thanks to Siddharth and John 🙂



The usual way: First the slab is cast then the individual steps are built.



This photo shows the form-work support for the slab above the 2nd floor.



The form-work for the front part of the house.



The elaborate form-work ready for the reinforcements…



The form-work for the second floor slab.


2013-01-08 16.35.31

The front elevation while preparing the concrete work for the second floor roof slab.


2013-01-08 16.47.02

Steel reinforcement work in progress…


2013-01-08 16.43.13

Steel reinforcement work in progress…


2013-01-08 16.50.07

Steel reinforcement work in progress…


2013-01-08 16.53.25

Column reinforcement meets beam meets slab …


2013-01-08 16.53.35

In steel we trust 😉



Parts of the form work seen from the floor below.



The form work has to withstand the impact of the concrete (ready mixed) poured and the weight of the mix and the steel. Great care needs to be taken so that it doesn’t move a bit … often enough a challenge.


2013-01-22 16.46.25

Freshly poured … (The steel showing will connect to the reinforcement of the planter boxes to come)


2013-01-22 16.42.10

The quiet mood after the casting. Water is kept on the slabs to allow the concrete to settle.



Wet jute bags help to keep the water from evaporating too fast.



Several weeks later these planter boxes get ready to be cast. The civil work for most of the concrete (except the last slab which is still to be cast) is done, masonry work can commence.



After evaluating several options we decide on Siporex blocks, light weight, with good insulation properties and easy to work with.



At regular intervals smaller RCC beams are introduced to add to the stability of the walls.



Simple reinforcement of 12mm TS bars with 8mm bars linking them. Approx. every one meter of wall height.



Relatively light the blocks get carried with relative ease …



To give an impression of the scale: The staircase as seen from the 2nd floor down…



Looking down into the double height space of the 1st floor balcony … This area will be full of mature trees and intensive landscape.



The house elevation as of mid-August 2013 …



The staircase complete until the roof level.



Looking from Level 2 to the staircase leading to the roof.



The staircase starting from Level 01 … as seen from the dining area. The masonry work is almost complete, electrical installation work has started …



The points for sockets, switches etc. are marked on site, verified and checked by the clients and all involved.



Powder-coated metal pipes and galvanized bends for the electrical conduits are installed … Initially we thought we could just core-cut the concrete beams (as suggested by the contractor) but then decided to bring most of the conduits around the beams. Little bit more work, next time we do it different, i.e. have sleeves introduced while casting. Faster, safer …



It looks neat enough though … all this will be hidden within the false ceiling made of POP (Plaster of Paris).



I love the scaffolding …



I cannot wait much longer to see this finished …. 🙂 (Photo taken on the 16th of August 2013, 18 months into the construction)






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