Current Project – City House (First slab and columns first floor)

By end of August the site was ready for the preparations for the 1st slab. Columns were mostly up, the jacks and the plywood were set up fast and within a few days the form work was done.


All set up… Site management in the confined space of the rectangular plot is quite a challenge.


The two previous photos quite well show the density of the space around the house – typical for any Indian city where real estate is probably more expensive than in most places of Europe.


The structural drawing for the first slab (credits go to Alex Jacob, a tremendously skilled structural engineer with many years of experience. Thanks for all the work 🙂 )

Slab above Level 01

The beam and individual slab layout of the roof above the Ground floor.


Exemplary form work preparations…


…as well as an advertisement for a clean site 🙂


Looking from the future dining room area towards the entrance.



The steel form work laid out, reinforcements for the beams already in place.










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