Current Project – City House (Foundation works and Ground floor columns)

Following up on the previous post we are starting a sequence of posts showing various stages of the construction process of the house in Anna Nagar / Chennai. Featured here is a set of photos of the foundation works.

Initially it was planned to have individual footings (up to a depth of 8′) joined by a plinth beam. After the first excavations were under way, we realized that the ground water level is very high and felt that pile foundations to a depth of 45′ would do a better job on the long run.

Given the size of the property (80′ deep and 45′ wide) with buildings almost bordering all sides of the plot, the actual work was quite time-consuming and took more than three months. Finally by August the work on the pile heads could start after which we had a steady and fast progress with the last slab being cast in the next days.


The foundation drawing showing the column grid, plinth beam location, pile details and lift well section.


The column grid with the location of the piles and the detail of the pile heads connecting to the plinth beam.

DSCF4712 Cropped

The top of the 45′ deep pile with the reinforcement for the pile head.

DSCF4713 Cropped

The reinforcement for the 1 cubic meter pile head and the plinth beam.

DSCF4702 Cropped

Preparing the concreting of the pile head.


Credits to Harinarayanan Structurals for their organized site work. Since their team took over the construction work in late June 2013 the site progress has been tremendous.


A photo from beginning of August shows the confined site with the plinth beam work almost completed and some column reinforcement coming out of the ground.


The first columns being cast…


The cast of the pile head with the column reinforcement.


The form work for the column sitting on the pile head.


Vibrating the concrete mix inside the form work.


A reflective moment on site 🙂


Casting the base for the column form work on top of the lift well.


The next post will follow the construction process through until the preparations for the last slab (under way just now)…



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