Wood House – Auroville / Stone flooring and carpentry works

Almost a year since the house was ready for occupation foastudio realizes that the documentation of the “wood house” in the forest never got beyond the wattle & daub walls – a fact in need of immediate correction.

The photos in this post show the work on the stone flooring – quite an adventure driving the craftsmen to their limits – and the carpentry work on the plywood walls and the window screens. Enjoy 🙂

To see the earlier stages of this project please click here and here.


Looking at the photos now – one year after completion – brings back a lot of nice memories: the frantic work, the design-on-the-spot sessions with Ravi the carpenter, the time pressure to finish, the funds disappearing (ufff … now it is ok, then it was quite something 🙂 ) …

The above photo shows the almost finished wattle&daub walls and a typical window “grill” – simple louvers made of wood from trees felled by Thane cyclone.

2012-12-06 11.57.03

Setting the frames for the window louvers.

2012-12-06 12.06.14

The carpenters working inside the house on finishing the window frames … balancing on the loose RCC beams which later take the load of the floor.


One of the carpenters at work. Now with distance it is nice to see him work quite unstressed on the wood – then nothing could go fast enough and the actual “speed” was nerve-wrecking.

2012-12-06 11.58.33

Just like they have been doing it for centuries …

2012-12-06 11.56.48

2012-12-06 11.57.50

The planed plywood goes into the frames. Wherever we have the diagonal braces two panels of ply cover them and make for the walls.

2012-12-06 12.16.58

The plywood being placed inside the frames; the cuddapah stones lying ready to be used…


Carefully selected stone slabs – only slabs with min. 600mm width and 25mm thickness were selected as we needed to respect the beam grid below.

2012-11-27 14.42.15


It looks straight-forward on the photographs but the actual work drove one set of stone mason to the point that they quit after laying one room … endless adjustments, crawling under the beams, lifting the slabs above tthe beams to mark, then down again to cut etc …



Respect to the man and I can’t judge him running off after giving it a serious try :-)In the end another team came and finished the job.


The tools of the trade …


He is still from the first team – the main guy from the second and final team did the cutting free-hand …

2013-01-07 13.43.36

The main bedroom with the stone floor finished and the plywood walls inserted.

2013-01-07 13.39.39

From the other side of the room … Simplicity. Stone, wood, earth, air …

2013-01-07 13.40.03

The main living and dining area.

2013-01-07 13.41.55

And looking from the kitchen area towards west …


Intensive days … money going out in a crazy speed, time running out, everything too slow, too many details still not clear, workers some days not available … quite a test 🙂

2013-01-07 13.38.17

Almost there …


And suddenly … the house is ready and the residents move in 🙂


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