House in Poe’s Garden / Chennai – Rendered floor plans and elevations

“Gut Ding will Weile haben …” (German proverb: “Good things take time …”)

While the building in Chennai slowly but surely approaches somewhat of a final round, the office with the client has tirelessly been working to fine-tune various parts of the design: from detailing important design elements such as the electrical layout, the window detailing (which will be a separate post soon), the tuning of each and every space and its future furniture layout… Every decision taken will be re-evaluated, cross-checked with the assumed real needs and the real daily life of the client and his family until the agreed upon most ideal solution is found. Tiresome, maybe, but for sure rewarding as well: To see the commitment of all people involved, to learn and understand better and better the various issues on site, to have an in-depth view into the way this particular family lives their lives, to see a professional relationship turn into something far more personal …

I am looking forward to post many more pictures during the next months to come until the house is ready for the family to move in 🙂

This post focuses on the render views we have been doing for the elevations as well as the rendered floor plans and sections. With that we hope to communicate the care and dedication which go into every drawing and visual leaving the office in the hope that this spirit manifests on site … so far it always did.


RENDER 01 with plants

The envisioned final look of the building … Of course it will look better in real 😉


A long section through the house…



The structure was designed with the tremendously helpful and important input from senior engineer Mr. Alex Jacob from Chennai. Every discussion with him is a learning experience and an open exchange of ideas.


The Ground Floor plan with the entrance, the entrance foyer, the car park and the service area.


Level 01: Living & dining, a bedroom for the parents, puja, formal and service kitchen, utility area … And a large balcony in front, giving the necessary privacy and protection from the street, a beautiful step-out and view from the living room and the main element of the otherwise very reduced facade.


Level 02: The private part of the house, bedrooms and study …


Finally the roof: Entertainment space and large landscape roof gardens. Already now one can see large parts of Chennai from here, surrounded by the canopy of trees from the neighbouring plots. We hope to create a lush and exciting landscape up here, giving the residents the much needed green so missing in the city.

STAIRS 00-01

The staircase from the entrance foyer to the First Floor living space …

Entrance 02

The entrance view … Looking through to the car park area.

Entrance 01

Water, koi, bamboo, granite … a simple landscape invites to the house.

Entrance 03

Stepping in …


PS.: Thanks to Sohil Soni and Gayatri Murlidhar for the beautiful render images. Hard work and difficult but you got it 🙂


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