Wood House – Auroville / render images, impressions, floorplans …

As with most of our projects, a considerable amount of time goes into producing beautiful (to our eyes) drawings. Featured here are the elaborate drawings for the previously posted wood house in one of the forest areas of Auroville. Rendered floor plans, sections and elevations, exploded axonometric views and 3d views: the images of this post give a fairly good impression of how the architect/s perceive the building before its actual construction.


The axonometric view shows the various elements which make the building: the pre-cast footings, the wooden frame work and wattle-daub panels, the roof construction and the flooring


A view explaining the principle of the wooden frame work …


The floor plan showing the simple organization of the house

Impression 16

The house in the forest 🙂

render 01




Thanks to Sohil Soni, Ameya Waingankar and Malatesh Neglur for working on the views and the render images 🙂

The following Instagram pictures show the house set in the forest, the cats, the life …

Impression 01

Impression 04

Impression 12

Impression 07

Impression 11

Impression 13

Impression 05

Impression 03


Impression 19Impression 18

Impression 17




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