Current Project – City House (Finishing the civil work – October 2014)

15 months after the plinth beam was casted the work on the house slowly comes to an end … The last months have seen the interior and exterior plaster (Plaster of Paris inside, regular cement plaster on the outside) completed, the windows installed, bathrooms being worked, electrical and HVAC installations progressing.

The photos in the next slides will show the progress on the different parts of the house over the last weeks.IMG_1736

Two weeks late (the monsoon had already started) but nevertheless everyone was happy that the glass for the large skylights together with the windows for the other openings were installed.


The covered internal courtyards bring the natural light deep into the house and connect the various floors together.


The uninterrupted glass allows the direct and unhindered connection with the sky …



The Plaster of Paris gets applied with the hands and blades …


A fixed window in the wood-finished UPVC frame inset in the granite frame, courtesy LINGEL Fensterbau.


A window in one of the bedrooms. Easy to install (if the frame work is done correctly and the coordination between the various contractors works) and aesthetically pretty ok while being low maintenance and relatively cost-efficient …


The cleaning team will have a lot of work but …


Parallel to the work on plaster and windows the tiling of the bathrooms went ahead – Tiles selected at Allied Ceramics in Chennai were installed by a team of at times stubborn but knowledgeable workers … Do we love the atmosphere on site with different agencies working at the same time in the same space without a site supervisor. That’s were all the fun comes into play 😉


A slab of Cuddapah stone is fixed into the wall and supported by steel angles. This structure will the support the marble counter top.


Norwegian Grey marble meets imported designer tiles …


The tiling stops at 8′ above ground … not everyone’s preferred choice but now one could have a lengthy discussion on when insistence is appropriate or not. In some cases like here the studio prefers to voice what we believe best but if the clients hold a different opinion we follow. In other cases we insist and fight for what we believe is important and essential to the quality of the space and the building as a whole …


The tiling work in the master bathroom ….


The staircase: Plywood planks (Marine grade) are placed on the concrete/plaster surface. On these the solid teak wood planks will be fixed …

Please visit the next post to see more of these works progressing ….


3 thoughts on “Current Project – City House (Finishing the civil work – October 2014)

  1. hai fabian, how ru?

    thank u so much for sharing the link,:) Skylight in place looks really good, Like the window finish, I remember how you made me work on the window in 3d:) In bathrooms like the,just like how u made us do the working drawing. i guess Vijay would be a happy person 🙂


    Malatesh Neglur

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