Current Project – City House (Site photos 28th January 2015)

When we visited the site last week we could finally see the building without the green mesh which covered the site all the last months … To our mind a nicely proportioned volume – reminiscent of the simplicity of 20th Century Bauhaus buildings – in the midst of a typical (rather chaotic 😉 ) Chennai layout.

From the casting of the plinth beam to this stage it took 17 months which is probably ok …


The car is one of four which have to find their place in the front of the building (three under the entrance canopy, one on the road) …





Floor plan – Ground Floor


Floor plan – First Floor


Floor plan – Entertainment Level


A – admittedly rather minimalist – render view of the building: In the end it is always nice to see that the real pictures are much more alive than any of the countless visuals produced in the office in the process.


Nevertheless these visuals are a beautiful tool to model, optimize and communicate …



The step-out terrace from the entertainment room on the second level …


The entertainment room – wooden floor, large windows, simple wall finish and elegant furniture just now being sourced … Updated photos to follow soon.


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