Archives: The Grand Egyptian Museum, Gizeh, Egypt

Another pick from the archive box: A competition entry from the time when working together with the team of Brand New Day (Dominic Dube and Ganesh Bala) … A fantastic vision of a new museum for the treasures of the Tutankhamum collection of the Egyptian Museum on a site just next to the Gizeh pyramids. The team worked for about 2 months in a small and incredible hot office on the outskirts of Auroville, exploring new depths in terms of project size, the complexity and the mystery of the theme and the potential of 3d software (which for all of us was a new and amazing tool to work with).

Finally we submitted the proposal knowing that probably a structure equally tall than the Gizeh pyramids would stand not much chance in winning the competition but we carried on with what we believed was the deserving receptacle for a unique treasure.

plan large 03

While we all have since then walked into different directions, these two months of work still echo as a time of tremendous team spirit, of intense interaction and cross-fertilization of different minds from different backgrounds.

The post shows the competition entry posters (each team was allowed five sheets of A3 size) and various render images explaining the internal organization of the various exhibition areas and overall impressions. A text written by fellow Auroville architect David Nightingale summarize the concept ideas driving the project.

Museum 01 Final S

Sheet 01 showing the overall building and its scale with the pyramids in the background.

Museum 02 Final S

Sheet 02 explains the internal organization of the museum.

Museum 03 Final S

Sheet 03 color-codes the various functions.

Museum 04 Final S

Sheet 04 aims to show the dynamics of the access to and through the large building …

Museum 05 Final S

Sheet 05 gives glimpses into the vast interior spaces of the museum.

A4 Page 01

A4 Page 02

A4 Page 03

A4 Page 04

The following images show how we used advanced (for the time and our capabilities) 3d software to get a grip on the program and the scale.





RelligionElevation 1600x1200 Final

CultureScribesKnowledgeElevation1600x1200 Final

TempExhibitionElevation1600x1200 Final

Research Scheme Elevation 2400x1600 Final

The 3d model help us to present traditional two-dimensional drawings such as sections and elevations in a way we deemed more appropriate to communicate the complex program and the design intent.

ResearchScheme3200x2400 Final


Different levels of transparency and color coding allowed to represent the model in its dymanic and complex structure.

museum pano HB

A view across the main Cairo – Gizeh highway. Visible here is the vast – 10m high – basement plinth.

museum blanc 01

The imposing structure as seen from the entrance staircase.

museum blanc 05

museum blanc 04

The “Golden Sarcophagus” holding the permanent exhibition spaces.

museum blanc 06

museum blanc 03

museum blanc 08

interieur 05

interieur 07

interieur 8 pano statue desert03


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