Archives: Farm house near Hosur, Tamil Nadu – Version 03 (2005)

The final version reduces the program to one single floor perceived as one continuous space. Elliptical, three-dimensional insertions contain kitchen, store and bathroom and define the plate into more or less intimate spaces. Entirely open to the spectacular view in the South and protected with a double layered-wall (Brickwork and Aluminum sheets) against the North, the structure floats on top of the ridge, reducing the actual impact on the land and the necessary foundation works on the uneven terrain to a minimum. The in-between space serves (with a elliptical core for storage, bathroom and a water tank serving as pool) as a protected platform for casual encounters with friends and family. From all levels it is easy to step out into the open and walk on the beautiful land. A maximum exchange between enclosed, protected spaces and the open is achieved. The residents can arrange the flexible interior to their needs, be it for work, intimate living or larger gatherings.










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