Archives: Sabari Navalur Real Estate Development, Siruseri, Chennai (2006)

Another pick from the archive box (the old website is down and we will gradually shift all the content onto the WordPress platform): A real estate project done in collaboration with Auroville architect Shama Dalvi.

We were approached by Chennai developers to present a masterplan for a 10 acre plot adjacent to the new IT Corridor in the south of the city. We decided to develop a design with a relatively healthy mix of apartment buildings and individual villas centering a large open and green space in the centre of the plot. The apartments are limited in height to Ground plus 4 floors due to the secondary access roads; the villas have an average size of 3600 sqft each distributed on two floors with the option of an swimming pool. The existing plot is full of beautiful coconut palms and other trees and one of our main incentives was to maintain a maximum of green throughout the entire design.

The apartments are an attempt to introduce the concept of roof gardens with natural vegetation as a park open for the inhabitants and even the individual apartments have an exceptional amount of balcony space which could serve as additional green space. The combined three apartment blocks are joined by a long corridor inviting children to play and neighbors to exchange to avoid the normal anonymous character of multi-storey housing.















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