Interior project – A simple wooden bed for an apartment in Chennai

Documented here the process of designing a simple wooden bed with headboard and a large shelf – from the Sketchup model to visuals and the installation on site. The furniture design for the son’s bedroom in an apartment we recently completed in the new Commander’s Court apartment block in the heart of Chennai. The apartment interiors (we shall post some images of the interiors later on …) are rather eclectic while the bedroom is closest to what the client initially expected – simplicity and manual craftsmanship.

Kaya bed for WP 09

Instead of using plywood and veneer we decided to use a particular hardwood from trees planted in Auroville and felled by the Thane cyclone some years ago – “Khaya senegalensis” or “African Mahogany”, a red tinted wood with a particular grain patterns and if polished right with a beautiful look.

Kaya bed for WP 14

The carpentry works were done by Ricardo and his team from the “New Dawn Carpentry” in Auroville. His team installed the bed on site as well.

Kaya bed for WP 22

Kaya bed for WP 06

The bedframe in an exploded view …

Kaya bed for WP 07

Kaya bed for WP 08

The entire bedframe is supported by custom-made pieces of jet-black granite.

Kaya bed for WP 10

The headboard combines bedside tables and drawers …

Kaya bed for WP 11


Kaya bed for WP 12


Kaya bed for WP 13

Kaya bed for WP 15

Opposite of the bed a large storage unit allows for seating (looking out in to the Chennai skyline), a writing desk and a book shelf. A carefully selected wall paper brings the industrial look the son wanted for his room.

Kaya bed for WP 02

A concept render of the area …

Kaya bed for WP 03

Kaya bed for WP 24

Kaya bed for WP 25

Kaya bed for WP 26




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