Current Project – City House (Jaipur – Concept Stage)

A new project in a city I haven’t seen much before … Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. A rich cultural and architectural heritage – very much alive today; historical buildings everywhere set in an amazing landscape …

The project: A large family of the Marwari community, an existing house which has become too outdated for their present day use, two neighboring plots in suburban Jaipur, close to the historic city centre and the airport, a German architect living in South India 🙂

The present house doesn’t fulfill the demands of the larger, multi-generational family, anymore. The plan is to build one house while the family continues to stay in the old house, then move to the newly built one, demolish the existing, build another one for the second brother … and then build another house for brother no.3 🙂


The mighty Amer Palace close to the city of Jaipur


So far there was no chance to visit the palace … only these two views were possible before the meetings and the work started … Hopefully the future will allow the required time to visit, study, explore this amazing place …


The city with its beautiful geometric grid demands respect; the first options of the project which we are featuring in this post all work with a similar strong orthogonal organization …

The plot with approx. 6000 Sft / 550 Sqm is used to its full extend respecting the permissible setback regulations. The floor plates are organized in four equal rectangles combined with a variety of courtyards to allow for smaller private gardens, light and ventilation.


The ground floor / stilt level has to provide for a plentitude of very diverse requirements: Garden and landscape area, parking and driveway, maid servant rooms, representative foyer, home office …

SRJ_Plan Level 01- First Floor 2015-04-25 S

Level 01 is the part of the house where the various generations come together with the kitchen, the dining and the living the main hubs. The mother of the three sons has her room here as well to allow her to stay in the centre of family life.

Because the neighboring buildings neglected the setbacks required the distance between the buildings is very minimal. Together with the demands of Vastu some rooms needed special attention to bring in light and a beautiful and generous ambiance. Courtyards – a concept widely used in the havelis and townhouses of India – are introduced so that each bedroom has a direct link to an outdoor area, ample light and ventilation.

SRJ_Plan Level 02- Second Floor 2015-04-25 S

Level 02 provides for three bedrooms with attached dressers and bathrooms and a large yet intimate family lounge. Two additional courtyards are introduced.

SRJ_Plan Level 03- Roof Floor 2015-04-25 S

In this first concept the roof floor is seen as the entertainment space for the larger family: a home theatre, a large family and entertainment space and ample space for roof gardens …

A small part is kept as laundry room with the options to hang clothes on the terrace.


The site … Ok, doesn’t look like much – especially when one thinks about the heritage of the city mentioned earlier – but it is a large enough plot with a park nearby and a school ground with plenty of trees on the Eastern and Northern side. The buildings seen here are all built on the setback line …

SURAJ Massing 201-04-26 Concept View 02

And this is how we imagined the first version (we are working on new ones now) to fit into the plot and the neighboring massing …

Suraj View 05-01

A bird’s eye view from the North Eastern corner … visible are the roof area, the clean rectangles below and the remaining areas of the plot.

Suraj View 07

The internal courtyards are protected by stone jalis to maintain the sense of privacy …

Suraj View 08

Suraj View 02

SURAJ Massing 201-04-26 Section 03

The section through the driveway / parking area shows the large living space on the upper floor and the courtyard on the second.

SURAJ Massing 201-04-26 Section 04

The section here visualizes the courtyards on the West and East …

SURAJ Massing 201-04-26 Section 01

SURAJ Massing 201-04-26 Concept View 03

This first concept gave the opportunity to become more clear in terms of actual requirements, internal logistics and organization, landscape etc …

It was briefly thought that a basement would allow for more landscaping and the studio sketched options available.

Option 01 - Basement 2015-05-18

Option 01 - Ground Floor 2015-05-18

Option 02 - Basement 2015-05-18

Option 02 - Ground Floor 2015-05-18

Finally a new design round started …

Suraj_Scheme_2015-05-14_Level 00 R01

A new organization of the way cars enter and park, more landscape, a pool  …

Suraj_Scheme_2015-05-14_Level 01 R01

A second bedroom on the first floor to give company to the mother of the house …

Suraj_Scheme_2015-05-14_Level 02 R01

A large master bedroom with an attached dressing space, bathroom and private study room …

Suraj_Scheme_2015-05-14_Level 03 R01

The roof floor for the son … once he returns from his studies this will become his private loft 🙂

Level 00_2015-07-06 M

And the same concept as above slightly improved and properly drawn …

Level 01_2015-07-06 M

Level 02_2015-07-06 M

Level 03_2015-07-06 M

Presently – with all the input we got through these explorations – we are finalizing the scope and the requirements and will start the renewed design work … We will post and update …



2 thoughts on “Current Project – City House (Jaipur – Concept Stage)

    1. Hi Vinay, didn’t know about your connection to Jaipur … What I have seen so far of the city already makes me understand it is very special … I am surely looking forward to get to know it better. Are you still into windows? Let’s be in touch, maybe something can work out …

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