Current Project – City House (Chennai, Kilpauk – Concept Stage)

Since almost a year the studio has been working on a residential building in Kilpauk, a central area of Chennai. A long struggle admittedly – not only for the architects but I am sure for the clients as well – as one had to think of multi-generational living, changes in the family constellations (marriage, children moving out, some moving in …) and of course the insistence of the clients for a 100% Vastu compliant design. Finally some weeks ago we have finalized on the floor plans, working drawings started and the work could commence on the site. Delayed by the massive monsoon the pile poundations are almost done and then soon one can see the structure coming up.

2016-01-07_RJM_View 01_1000

This post shows the final floor plans, explaining the internal organization and the flow of spaces through the various levels, and the render images (the work here is still in progress as often openings change in the course of construction).


The Ground floor of the building on this typical Chennai plot of 65 x 80 feet accommodates up to six car parks, a representative home office, box rooms and the private spaces for the maid servants.


The First Floor is the main area for the family – husband, wife, mother, three sons, uncles, aunts … – to come together, meet, laugh, discuss business and daily affairs, eat, pray …

The kitchen area is simply organized with a small store and a utility area attached (possibly an open service balcony and secondary service access) with easy access to the dining area. A powder room and a large bedroom compliment the floor.


The second floor holds the main master bedroom and three more rooms – all with attached dressing room and bathroom and connected with each other with a larger family space which is connected with a cut out with the floor above.


The third floor is meant to become the floor for the oldest son and his future family. A large master bedroom, two more rooms and an open kitchen, dining, living area. The living area is topped by a loft area bringing in even more sunlight and the sense of generous space.


The roof floor offers space for a large garden area (accessible from the loft area and the staircase area) and a large laundry and storage area.


Below are a few conceptual render and 3d model views …

View 04

View 05

Like in all projects the house gets built in the computer – massing, volumes, proportions and openings are optimized and the final shape determined. Of course the first steps are always pencil sketches and the direct sketch accompanies the entire design and construction process until completion.

View 08

2016-01-05_RJM_View 05

2016-01-05_RJM_View 03

And then come the first steps to realize all the thoughts and ideas that went into the design …





After the very heavy monsoon the site at times looked like a battlefield but once the waters receeded the work continued and by now the pile works are almost done and the progress will be documented here in new posts …




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