Wood House Auroville wins NDTV Design & Architecture Awards 2015

Last Friday evening the house in Auroville won the coveted NDTV House award. It’s an overwhelming and humbling experience to see the recognition this simple home has received since its completion, especially as the other nominations were all of a very high quality.


NDTV, the various sponsors and the jury need to be congratulated for the quality of submissions this award and its various categories (please see the website for more details, the jury, the various categories, nominations and winners) have attracted since its inception. The focus the organizers and the jury set on aspects of sustainability, inclusion and simplicty is hopeful to say the least and it is a wonderful reminder that in these challenging times a lot of positive things happen in the world and in this great country – and that there are organizations and bodies which provide them the deserved acknowledgement and the platform to reach a wider attention.


NDTV DAAwards 2015-02 for WP.jpg

Receiving the awards from Shri S.M. Krishna

The award evening itself – hosted by the Taj Westend inside their beautiful compound – was a beautiful event and provided the opportunity to meet old and new friends and listen to inspiring and often very outspoken panel discussions.

Posted here are the two panels submitted as well as the various photographs taken by our friend Fabien Charuau who beautifully captured the essence of the house on behalf of Elle Decor and who must have played a role in attracting the jury’s attention. A heartfelt thanks goes to him and the Elle Decor team 🙂


GROHE NDTV DAA Award_169430_House Award_Sheet 01_1600

GROHE NDTV DAA Award_169430_House Award_Sheet 02_1600




169430 - Image 01_1000



24 thoughts on “Wood House Auroville wins NDTV Design & Architecture Awards 2015

    1. Thank you Nagesh, this means a lot coming from you.

      And of course the congratulations go back to you as well for the award you received for the Nandi project. Great that this work receives this credit and it was really nice seeing Dhamu and Mathan. We need to catch up one of these months 🙂

  1. Hi Fabian,

    This is very good news. Congratulations for award.
    I remember all the detailing, joinery and each and every joints of this structure.
    And articulations.

  2. Hey Fabian,

    Congratulations on the award…and the house looks super cool, and awesome neat details!!!


  3. Nope in Bangalore, on and off when not travelling :), kind of for the past six years now…almost..

      1. Almost Not ..if i may say…hard core weaning off..;)..for the past year nd half… still connected to real estate though, so the nomenclature helps i must say sometimes, Hahaha!…

  4. I will the next time, wont drive though, by train sure, 🙂 next time at the auroville bakery would ping you for sure!

  5. Hi Fabian,
    Great to see it. It is seriously a great piece of architecture collaborating with nature.
    Jatin Gulati

  6. Dear Fabian,
    Great news!!
    Fabulous work and well deserved award.
    You might not remember, but i applied to your firm 3 years back and that time you were waiting for a project, so i joined Manu.
    Anyway, i still remember you were a big motivation for me to come to AV and live the amazing life and be a part of those amazing works..

    However, wish youuch more success and luck. Keep creating.

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