Current Project – City House (Jaipur – Site photos January 2017)

A few photos in this post show the house as it stands at the beginning of January. Civil work is almost complete and while initially the quality of the masonry (9″ fired brick  used for the walls instead of the Cement/Siporex/Porotherm blocks we are used to in Chennai) didn’t seem too precise by now the plaster work is done to match our drawings.



While the house doesn’t offer the greatest of architectural explorations (see the earlier post in regard to a very conventional program paired with the restrictions given by the need to conform to a rather one-dimensional set of Vastu rules), in the given context of a random Indian suburb and a rather small plot of 80’x70′, to us it is already a big step to create a “simple” box with “clean” lines. That with the chance for natural light and ventilation (most houses are still very introvert, with closed windows and drawn curtains). paired with a certain openness in terms of flow of spaces (as much as the brief allows) and we believe a large part of our work is successful 🙂





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