Current Project – City House (Chennai – Site photos until February 2017)


Shown in this post are site photographs of the Kilpauk house recently taken. Site has steadily progressed since the pile foundations were completed; by now two floors are up and we are waiting for the water and electricity connection.

The plaster work has been completed and interior work goes on parallel. The photos in this post document the ongoing work.


Above: Level 00 shows the complex task of accommodating min. six cars, a drive way, home office, box and panel rooms and servant quarters in one floor on a 80×60′ plot.


Above: During construction time the future parking area functions as material storage and work area.



Above: Cutting the Carrara marble for the main areas (living, dining, bedrooms, stairwell)


Above: Solid teak wood planks for window frames and doors.


Above: Level 01 holds the main living and dining area. Master bedroom, kitchen and utility area.


Above: Entrance into the living area. A/C ducts within the future false ceiling.


Above: Looking through the large uninterrupted dining-living space. Work on the false ceilings, pelmets for curtains and integrated furniture in progress.


Above: The same space – looking from living room toward the dining area.


Above: A typical staircase flight (raw finish …)


Above: Floorplan Level 02 – The main residential floor plate. Bedrooms for father / mother, guests and one of their three sons… A cut-out connects this and the next two floors as internal courtyard/skylight.


Above: The typical view from the SW master bedrooms – a typical Chennai outlook …


Above: The wooden main frame for the window, the jambs covered with the Bijolia Grey stone from Rajasthan, pelmets made of marine ply…




Above: The final layout of Level 03 – After a lot of back and forth this is what the client decided upon: Tow bedrooms on the West for the two oldest sons, a large roof garden on the East …


Above: Level 04 – Space for a lounge, a roof terrace and a large storage / laundry room with the water tank above … Not our ideal configuration but workable.


Above: Carrara marble for floor and skirting, Plaster of Paris ready to be painted, electrical conduits, A/C ducts and a wall where a window should have been … We had long discussions with the clients about the need for cross ventilation and natural light and views but in the end it was said that cross-ventilation is not required (as A/C willbe running mostly) and that natural light will be cut by drawn curtains … There is only so much arguing we can do 🙂


Above: Wardrobes already on the way …


Above: Mock ups for the false ceiling and cove light design





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