Project 01 – House at Epsilon

Project 01

Starting with a project completed in 2007: A residential building in an upmarket development area near the old airport of Bangalore; located in an existing coconut grove and next to an open well. The design elegantly weaves around the trees and cantilevers over the well, creating a built form which is modern in appearance yet directly connected to the history of the site.

Poster No. 01 shows the roof plan and visual impressions. The building finds its place amongst the palms and the well. A modern shape on ancient land.

Poster No. 02 explains the Ground Floor organization. The views show the cantilevered bedroom over the well which itself has been retained to percolate the rainwater collected from the roofs and the surrounding landscape back into the ground.

The upper floor plan. Three bedrooms centrally connected with a triangular space; Linear skylights illuminate the building and create a visual partition between the two blocks.

Sections and elevations explain the structure of the building. Various photographs taken during the construction process visualize the dialogue between existing and newly built.

The entire building was 3D modeled to understand the structure and to use the data for easy control of the quantities. The photographs show the light effects and the dramatic change of solid mass and cut/void.

Interior views. Warm colors for the interiors balance the eventual stark outside design. With the light falling in through the skylights and a carefully designed lighting concept, the interior spaces radiate warmth and a sophisticated homely ambience.

Site photographs showing the building just before occupation. Clean lines, carefully selected materials and a subtle choice of colors create a fitting abode for the future residents – temporarily at home in Bangalore, connected to the rest of the world with a global design language and yet with a distinct connection to the local context.


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